Biomaths Colloquium Calendar

BioMaths Colloquium Series 2022/23 @ 3pm BST
online (Zoom – registration needed) and in-person (Bay or Singleton Campus) — check individual seminar adverts

Organisers: Dr Noemi Picco & Dr Geertje van Keulen

07 June 2023 – 3PM

Speaker: Dr Annalisa Iuorio (University of Vienna)
Title: How does negative plant-soil feedback across life stages affect the Janzen-Connell hypothesis?
Abstract & Bio: here
Singleton Campus, Wallace Building, Room 218
Zoom link: Register Here


05 October 2022

Speaker: Dr Mokarram Hossain (Zienkiewicz Centre for Computational Engineering, Swansea University)
Title: Experimental investigations and mathematical modelling of the human oesophagus: Layer-dependent anisotropic properties under large deformation
Abstract & Bio: here
Bay Campus: Engineering Central B003

02 November 2022

Speaker: Dr Jim Rafferty (Swansea University Medical School)
Title: Analysis of diseases clusters and patient outcomes in people with multiple long term conditions using hypergraphs
Abstract & Bio: here
Singleton Campus: Wallace 218

07 December 2022

Speaker: Professor Wilfred Otten (Cranfield University)
Title: A biophysical approach to soil fungal processes: from percolation theory to fungal invasion and resilience in soil systems
Abstract & Bio: here
Singleton Campus: Wallace 218

01 February 2023 08 March 2023 – 3PM NEW DATE DUE TO STRIKE ACTION

Speaker: Prof Philip Gerlee (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)
Title: From single cells to tumours: bridging scales with individual-based models
Abstract & Bio: here
Remote Speaker
Bay Campus: Computational Foundry room 209

01 March 2023 15 March 2023 CANCELLED DUE TO STRIKE ACTION

Speaker: Prof Thomas Hillen (University of Alberta, Canada)
Title: Modelling Microtube Driven Invasion of Glioma
Abstract & Bio: here
Remote Speaker
Bay Campus: Computational Foundry room 209

05 April 2023 – 3PM

Speaker: Dr Valeria Giunta (The University of Sheffield)
Title: Multi-stability in non-local advection-diffusion models
Abstract & Bio: here
Singleton Campus: Zoology Museum (Wallace Building)

26 April 2023 – 3PM

Speaker: Dr Mohit Kumar Jolly (Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)
Title: Dynamical modeling of cell-state transitions during cancer metastasis
Abstract & Bio: here
Bay Campus: Robert Recorde Room (Computational Foundry 102)
or Online: register here for Zoom link

03 May 2023 – 3PM

Speaker: Dr Nicholas Clark (The University of Queensland, Australia)
Title: Forecasting with Dynamic Generalized Additive Models
Abstract & Bio: here
Online Speaker

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