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The Centre for Biomathematics provides a cross-community, interdisciplinary focus for experts from across Swansea University and beyond with interests on the interface between mathematics and biology or medicine. Our aim is to foster collaborations that are mutually interesting, leading to new developments in both fields. 

By exploiting complementary and wide-ranging knowledge across disciplines, we aim to develop novel biologically-informed predictive mathematical, and statistical models and computational approaches to tackle topical questions in biology and medicine and, hopefully, at the same time lead to new theoretical developments in mathematics and computer science.

Next Biomath Colloquium: 8 March 2023 – NEW DATE DUE TO STRIKE ACTION Speaker: Prof Philip Gerlee (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden). Title: From single cells to tumours: bridging scales with individual-based models. Online only: register here for Zoom link.

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